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Our Services

We are here to help your move, that much easier. By going through these simple steps below, we will show you what is needed to make your move possible.


  1. Contact us - Please send us as much information as possible, in regards to what service you require. Then we will reply as quick as possible, to help with getting your move started.

  2. Survey -Free video survey, is the most convenient and quickest process. By you using your mobile phone, we can view your property and belongings that will need to be moved. (We can also send one of our surveyors in person, if required)

  3. Quote - A quote will be sent, once we have all your information regarding your move. (Moving From/Moving To) and any additional service (Packing, Unpacking, Furniture Construction) 

  4. Paperwork -When you decide to use Happy Removal, we will complete the paper work that is needed. Which will contain all information ( Dates, Locations, Furniture, Services, Insurance, Payment) 

  5. Moving out -The Happy Removal Team will arrive at your Property at the given time. Each team will have a Team Leader, that will be your point of contact and in charge of the removal. They all will then start processing your removal, to move your belongings to your new property. 

  6. Moving in -Once the team has access to your new property and along with your guidance. They will move your belongings into the designated areas you have requested. If you have chosen any additional services, the team will be more than happy to deliver that service at the highest standard. 

Local Moving

As we have multiple locations across London, we pride ourselves at being your most reliable removal company in the city and the surrounding areas. We are successful due to our happy customers, sharing their experiences.  

Long Distance Moving

​We have the experience and the capability to handle long distance removals. Whether it is across the UK or Overseas, we are confident in getting the job done as smoothly possible.

Once we have all the information about your move, we will then start the process in what will be needed to complete the move in the most efficient way. 

Storage Services

Wether you are in need of storing all of your possessions, or just few items. We have safe storage, in multiple sizes at competitive rates.

Packing & Unpacking

One of the most important parts of moving home or moving office is packing your goods securely, so they can be transported without damage. You have a choice whether you pack your goods yourself or, use our highly qualified team who will pack your items and valuables safe and securely

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