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Rubbish Removal

Happy Removal are proud to offer our clearance services. No matter what type of clearance you need, we do our best in recycling as much waste as we can. Please see below how we can help you.  

  • House and Flat Clearance
    House Clearnace by yourself can be a strenuous task. When you get help from a house clearance service, you are not only eliminating stress, but you are saving yourself time and money, too. It doesn’t matter whether you need one room cleared or the whole house, we have our expereince team ready to help you. Examples Furniture Household bric-a-brac Kitchen units Clothes Electrical appliances, etc. Remeber to always check and put aside those items you would like to keep, before things start getting taken away. Preperation is the key to making the clearance run smoothly. We will send you our guide before the time comes, to help you.
  • Office Clearnace
    Happy Removal offers a hassle free office clearance service. Whether you are disposing of a whole office building or just a single item. We will clear all your unwanted junk or rubbish including, electrical appliances, desks, chairs, paper, tables, I.T equipment, cabinets and everything else besides.
  • Rubbish Clearance
    We aim to recycle as much as we can and we also offer our service to all different types of clearance jobs. Whether you have a single item in your house or a whole office floor, hotels accommodations to large student blocks, small garden sheds to large retail strips outs, from high rise apartments to underground basements, or to your after party rubbish clearance. Whichever you need, we can clear it in an affordable, reliable and peace of mind service.
  • Garden Waste
    If you are in need of disposing a single or mutliple items in your garden. Happy Removal will clear all your unwanted green waste, rubbish from soil, rubble, tubs, BBQs, to garden sheds, pots, and any other garden or rubbish waste. We clear all types of gardens whether large or small. Simply contact us by using our quick quote messenger and will get back to you, as soon as possible to help you with your clearance.
  • Events & TV/Film Industry
    After you have finished with any unwanted props and have general watse that needs clearing. Contact Happy Removal as we understand that a speedy clearnace is an essential part to your business. Our experienced team would be able to handle anything that you may have, from deconstructing of props to clearing general waste or any unwanted electronics you need gone. Please contact us or fill out our Free Quote, to get your clearance organised.
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